Learning at home

Learn how you can help your child's learning at home.

Our intention is to give your child a fantastic early years experience during their time with us. When they leave they will be able to make independent choices, drive their own learning, be excited to explore, have strong physical resilience and high emotional intelligence.  This is best achieved when the nursery works together with parents: you know your children better than anyone.

We have Parents Evenings during the year, coffee and chat sessions and Sunday walks all of which are intended to give you the opportunity to learn more about what we do and ask us why!  Through our on-line learning journal, Tapestry, you will see the work your child is undertaking and how we are moving their learning forward, always through play.

When children continue to practice the skills at home they deeply embed their learning.  Through this website, with the boards in Reception at nursery and during Parent’s Evenings we will share with you the things we are doing and why.  Each week we circulate an information sheet illustrating our plans for the following week together with the Rhyme of the Week.  The rhyme is just one way you can help your child at home prepare their early reading skills – in a fun way.

On the Resources page we will post ideas for you to try at home including the Rhyme of the Week.  Please ask us if you have any queries.

“This nursery is a very special place in so many different ways. I can confidently say my child will not have a better environment for her preschool years than that she is experiencing at Grayswood.”

IreneMother of Amber

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