Term dates 2019-2020

The year is split into 3 terms – Autumn, Spring and Summer.  Half way through the term we have half term.  Below are the dates for our academic year.

  • Autumn Term

    4th September 2019
    28th October 2019
    Half Term
    1st November 2019
    17th December 2019
  • Spring Term

    6th January 2020
    17th February 2020
    Half Term
    21st February 2020
    3rd April 2020
  • Summer Term

    20th April 2020
    25th May 2020
    Half Term
    29th May 2019
    17th July 2020

All dates are inclusive.

  • The Nativity Play will take place on Tuesday 17th December at 10.30am (Dress rehearsal the Monday 16th December)
  • Spring Hat Parade will take place on Friday 3rd April
  • Sports Day will be Friday 22th May
  • Leaver’s Day is Friday 17th July