What to wear?

“Children are playing a dynamic role in their own learning. They are eager, respond to challenges and gain excellent levels of achievement” Ofsted Report 2010

Whatever your child wears to nursery it will need to be clearly named.

Children are encouraged to wear nursery uniform: a poloshirt and sweatshirt with the nursery logo (this is available from the nursery)

  • Jogging bottoms or similar clothing with an elasticated waistband
  • Full set of spare clothes in a small drawstring bag (a traditional PE style bag)
  • Slip-on shoes to wear inside the nursery (ie black plimsolls)
  • Welly boots
  • Appropriate outdoor clothing: a warm coat, hat, gloves in winter and a sun hat in summer.

Children may not have a dummy in the setting, other soothers may be kept in their bag or on the staff table. Home toys are discouraged.