A Typical Day at Grayswood Nursery

Each day the nursery is set up to allow children full access to a huge range of stimulating resources and engaging activities. The timetable for a typical day is shown below.

We also have the added benefit of peripatetic teachers who come on a weekly basis to provide dance, sports skills and music lessons. At all times children are cherished and guided whilst allowing them to develop independence and confidence.

Children are encouraged to use the indoor and outdoor space in most weathers. Consequently they must come to nursery in appropriate clothes for the weather and time of year.

Where children will be staying for lunch we ask that parents provide a packed lunch from home.

Our Opening Hours

Monday: 9.05am - 2.45pm
(For those who will be 4 within the academic year)

During the autumn term children may finish at 1.00 after lunch but from January they stay for the full day.

Tuesday to Friday: 9.05am - 12.35pm*

* Extended day to 2.45 on Tuesday and Thursday for those who are reliably toilet trained.

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Start Time

Nursery opens and children enter the hall, staff are on hand to offer close support. Children hang up their coat and bag and change into their indoor shoes leaving outdoor shoes on their mat. Children then self register by finding their name card and placing it on the registration board.



The bell rings for registration and the children come to the mat ready to begin the morning. Together we talk about our plans and ideas, we sing our daily song, chat about visitors for the day and other opportunities for the morning.


Free Play

Children use the nursery to access resources as they wish. They may play inside or out, in the home corner or do some painting. Staff prepare activities linked to the children's progression targets. On Mondays children will first participate in Miss Maureen's dancing lesson, most days a group will leave for Forest School and we have opportunities for Playball sessions and music sessions.


Snack Time

During free play snack time will be served to the children in small groups supervised by an adult.


Tidy Up Time

The children help the staff to tidy up and return all the toys to their homes in preparation for quiet time.


Quiet Time

Having tidied up the children then move to the quiet area for library time to change books and generally have a quiet 5 mins.


Circle Time

The children gather together with staff to share the Rhyme of the Week, any Fabulous Me vouchers and other general discussion and singing.


Story Time

For story time we split into small groups.


Home Time

For those who are not staying for the afternoon it is time to prepare to go home.


Morning Only Collection

It's home time for those children not staying with us for the afternoon. The exception being for Mondays, on which all children stay for lunch and the afternoon.


Lunch Time

Lunch time for those children staying for lunch.


Afternoon Session

Our afternoon session begins with time outside to blow off the cob webs. Then all the nursery resources are available to the children either inside or out.


Tidy Up Time

Again children, with the help of the staff, will return toys to their correct home and generally prepare the school to be ready for another day.


Preparation for Home Time

Story and preparation for home time children change into their home shoes, pop their indoor shoes into a bag on their peg and collect their coats and bags.


Home Time

The children sit together and an adult stands by the doors to call them one by one as their parent or carer arrives.


“Children.. are active learners who thoroughly enjoy the stimulating activities offer to them”

Ofsted Report2016

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